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Greetings Teachers, Students, Materials Writers, and Friends of LSI!

What a great experience it has been! Creating textbooks for you has been one of the biggest thrills of our lives! Friends often ask us how we got started making books.

Well... in the early 1980's Charles and David were team teaching presentation seminars in Japan. They imagined it would be fun to write a book on presentation. So, they would sit in the lounge of the Yamato Grand Hotel in Japan and scribble notes on cocktail napkins. But nothing came of it.

One night in the early 1990's, Charles was trudging home after a long day. He remembers thinking that it would be fun to do something different, like write a textbook.

That night, David called and said, "Hey, remember that presentation text we were going to write you still have the cocktail napkins?" And so the adventure began.

Today, Language Solutions is an independent publisher that specializes in communicative skills:

On an individual speaker level--presentation skills: how to find, develop, and present your message.

On a group level--discussion skills: how to share, explore, and discuss a message.

On an interactive level--debate skills: how to enter into the give and take of constructing and defending your message.

We believe that the activities and illustrations of a Language Solutions book disclose a world of possibility, a world of things not just as they are, but as they could be. We don?t know the answers for a better tomorrow. But we do know how they will be reached. Through improved communication. Through better presentation, better discussion, and better debate.

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