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Take A Side - 25 Debate Topics
  1. God can prevent evil, but doesn't.
  2. Ex's should remain friends.
  3. Space exploration should be an international priority.
  4. Restrict free speech.
  5. Culture places too great an emphasis on athletic success.
  6. Let the world police itself.
  7. The pen is mightier than the sword.
  8. Multiple births of more than three children.
  9. Individual doesn't matter.
  10. Test nuclear weapons.
  11. Legalize all drugs.
  12. English as the world language.
  13. Negotiate with terrorists.
  14. The media are corrupt.
  15. Public shame is an appropriate means of punishing criminals.
  16. Right to die is a personal choice and not the courts.
  17. Schools should not prepare students for work.
  18. Rock the boat.
  19. The news should be interesting rather than important.
  20. Shop at home (from your computer).
  21. Fun is more important than work.
  22. The US should be less involved in world affairs.
  23. We shouldn't fix it if it ain't broke.
  24. Peace is undesirable.
  25. Breaking the law.
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