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Listen Kids! 1
Student Book
ISBN: 1929274033
Card Set A
ISBN: 1929274092

Listen Kids! creates a warm and whimsical world populated by dragons wizards, clowns, children and other loveable characters.

The audio brings this world to life--close your eyes and you can almost see the characters as they speak and interact. The world of Listen Kids includes music, songs, and stories.

The rhythmic chants in Listen Kids really rock. They are fun but not childish. The songs entertain but don’t talk down to the children. The unforgettable stories introduce the grammar points in an imaginative and playful context.

Listen Kids! takes a unique approach in teaching children English. It is the first children's course book that is 100% listening.

Each page in the book is also a track on the CD.

Listen Kids! has another unique feature. It's self checking. The child is able to check the answer by listening to the CD.

How is this done? By relating all of the answers to colors. The child only needs to know the seven colors used in the book in order to gain self confidence with English.

Listening has never been this much fun!!!

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